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Lateva- Getting back to Nature

About us

We are a brand which has been born into mother nature. LATEVA - Getting back to Nature.

We believe in a healthy obsession with total wellness in all aspects of life, physical, emotional, and spiritual. More than ever we are aware of the vital need to make our health management a priority. Diet can compromise our health with nutrient inadequate diets including processed foods, refined sugar, and high levels of animal protein. Interest in supplements that address health concerns such as calcium reduction that weakens bone structure, inflammation linked to chronic disease, cholesterol levels, circulation, cardiovascular health, immune support, stress, and mood management, has spread globally and increased in popularity with the desire for a more positive standard of health. Even a healthy, well balanced, farm to table diet may still fall short of valuable nutrients that help us fight disease and as we age, our ability to absorb nutrients decreases. We cannot rely on diet alone to obtain a healthy optimal quality of life. Lateva is committed to empower you in an active effort to achieve better overall health and wellbeing.

Lateva supplements are Innovative formulations that enhance a healthy lifestyle with evidence based integrative protocols that deliver key nutrients to support your body’s natural ability to prevent and treat a variety of health conditions.

Lateva values the health benefits of a strict Kosher diet as an important part of Jewish life. We demand the same standards by offering ritually pure, exceptional quality supplements that have been carefully examined, evaluated, and certified to meet the strictest Kosher standards. We personally oversee the manufacturing of Lateva supplements to ensure only the highest quality natural ingredients go into our products and we guarantee there are no pesticides or foreign ingredients.

Lateva Supplements target a range of health and wellbeing goals that aim against age associated dysfunction of the immune system. A multi factorial process of genetic, molecular, cellular, and environmental factors such as pathogens.

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